On-site courses

Relevant on-site courses in the UK and internationally.

Quantitative Genetics & Genome Analysis Masters Programmes

A suite of full-time taught study programmes at the University of Edinburgh starting in September 2018 and leading to either a Masters (MSc) degree (12 months) or a Diploma (9 months). The courses provide postgraduates with the knowledge and skills required to apply quantitative genetics theory to practical problems in both the biomedical and animals science industries and to undertake research in evolutionary genetics, animal breeding, human genetics and genome analysis.

The MRC/University of Edinburgh Cross-disciplinary Fellows are encouraged to "audit" relevant courses of interest but should contact the QGGA administrator (qgen@ed.ac.uk) before doing so.

Website: http://qgen.bio.ed.ac.uk/

Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses

The courses are aimed primarily at biomedical research scientists, clinicians and healthcare professionals, and provide practical and interactive training in the latest biomedical laboratory techniques and data-analysis tools. All courses are subsidised and additional bursaries are available for many events.

Website: https://coursesandconferences.wellcomegenomecampus.org/Courses.wt

European Bioinformatics Institute Courses

EMBL-EBI provides a range of stationary and online courses with particular relevance to quantitative biomedicine.

Website: https://www.ebi.ac.uk/training

European Molecular Biology Laboratory Courses

The history of events at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory dates back to 1977, with the first record of a course being held at EMBL Heidelberg. 40 years of excellence in organising events means not only welcoming top-class trainers and speakers but also showcasing and presenting cutting-edge science and technologies.

Website: https://www.embl.de/training/events/

Courses at Cold Spring Harbor Labs

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is a leading international centre for research and education. As part of its mission, each year CSHL organizes a number of advanced technical science courses, with organizers, instructors and participants from all over the world.

Website: http://meetings.cshl.edu/courseshome.aspx

Courses at the Marine Research Laboratory in Woods Hole

From its founding in 1888, the MBL has integrated education with research and thereby generated many breakthroughs in science while also creating generations of scientific pioneers. It offers a number of high quality courses in diverse areas of bioscience.

Website: http://www.mbl.edu/education/courses/

Edinburgh Genomics workshops

To enable researchers to analyse their next generation sequencing data themselves, Edinburgh Genomics offers a range of hands-on bioinformatics workshops.

Website: https://genomics.ed.ac.uk/services/training